We think of diamonds as precious, timeless and dazzling elements which allow their wearers to connect with the billions of years of history which is compressed in them.


   COLIBRID’s starting point was to combine the classic elegance and simplicity of diamonds with colorful and cute materials through a smart and easy to use design. Our inspiration were violetears, hummingbirds of the genus Colibri: birds that are small, beautiful, colorful and cute at the same time. In our collection all products are handmade; diamonds are natural, VG (very good) quality and G-H color. Silver polished with modern technology, with long-lasting glow.


    Our products are hand made. We made our collection with love and care. We hope you like them too. 


   We believe in the value of having even a small part of the building parts of universe, in their purest form. We believe that beauty lies in simplicity.